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Scott Dillard sedillard at
Wed Aug 6 11:51:51 EDT 2008


The library submission process wiki page says to create a ticket and post it
to the list when proposing interface changes, but what is the proper method
for submitting bug fixes and tweaks? This post is both an inquiry into the
library patching process, and a friendly reminder of some outstanding
submissions of mine. I'm watching and I don't see anything
related to the following :

1)  There is an egregious and program-breaking typo, already patched and
languishing on trac : . IMO
that needs to be pushed right now. (milestone 6.10? Whats the point of a
separate containers repo?)

2) Months ago I submitted a small patch to fix a too-restrictive type
signature :

3) and another to improve performance of findMin / findMax :

4) and another, with the help of Bertram F, to improve the runtime
complexity of fromAscList for IntSet and IntMap :

I was hoping for some kind of binary response, "ok, pushed" or "no thanks."
I have more of these kinds of changes that I plan on making. Whom do I
email? Should I use all caps or what? :)

Clearly its not sufficient to say "propose interface changes on trac, post
bugfixes to the list" because either no one with push power is reading the
list, or they get their "to do" items from trac only. Which is something of
a problem, because a mailing list can't generate "to do" items. On trac
someone with access rights flags a ticket, but nothing like that happens on
the list. And even if the proper place for submissions is trac, there is no
"libraries/containers" component listed, and many library submissions are
flagged "Not GHC" which sounds to me like a dismissal. Is containers still
"GHC"? As I understand it, containers is a free-standing project and this
list is its collective maintainer. (Which I don't really see as a solution.)

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