Developing SYB, packaging issues

José Pedro Magalhães jpm at
Mon Aug 4 07:49:26 EDT 2008

Hello all,

This message focuses on a problem Claus mentioned before:
> One other thing I meant to ask was about procedure,
> given that Syb is currently in base and hence under the
> library modification process. How is this going to combine
> with an active maintainer and some parts on hackage?
> Claus

To be able to further develop SYB (see [1] for history), it's probably best
to develop it as a separate package, which people can install, upgrade, etc.
This would mean the library could be updated independently of GHC, and new
GHC releases could then use the most recent version of the package.

But how do these things merge? Can/should SYB be moved out of the base
package? And, if this happens, can the library being developed as a separate
package still use the automatic deriving mechanism?

I'm sending this message to libraries at too because I guess this
problem might have shown up here before.


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