[Haskell-cafe] RFC: A standardized interface between web servers and applications or frameworks (ala WSGI)

Michaeljohn Clement mj at mjclement.com
Sun Apr 13 23:31:54 EDT 2008

I am very interested in this work.

One thing missing is support for all HTTP methods, not just those 
in RFC 2616.  As-is, something like WebDAV cannot be implemented. 
That probably means requestMethod should be a (Byte)String.

What about something like sendfile(2) available on some platforms? 
To allow the server to make use of such optimizations, how about 
an optional alternative to the enumerator?

Perhaps the app can optionally pass a path or an open fd back to 
the server in place of an enumerator, which allows servers to do 
any kind of buffering optimizations, etc, that they may know about, 
as well as using any platform-specific optimizations like sendfile.

Michaeljohn Clement

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