cpphs and C++-style comments

Ross Paterson ross at soi.city.ac.uk
Fri Sep 14 13:12:44 EDT 2007

On Fri, Sep 14, 2007 at 04:39:05PM +0100, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> > > Would you like to have separate option flags in cpphs for stripping
> > > the different kinds of C comment?  e.g. --strip and --stripAnsi?
> > 
> > Separate options would resuscitate the Hugs build, so yes please.
> > How about --strip-traditional or --strip-c89?
> OK, done.  The new option is --strip-c89.

Thanks.  Now we have a conundrum: should Cabal 1.2 use the new option,
and thus require the latest cpphs, or stick with the old option and be
broken with the new cpphs?  Cabal only invokes cpphs for non-GHC builds,
so I'd say use it.

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