Proposal: Add Compositor class as superclass of Arrow

Twan van Laarhoven twanvl at
Sun Oct 21 15:06:32 EDT 2007

Ashley Yakeley wrote:
> 3. There might be another useful class that's a subclass of Category and 
> a superclass of Arrow, that essentially includes first but not arr. If 
> someone wants to name it and define it, we can put it in the class 
> hierarchy.

My proposal would be the following. The important things are that:
  1. It incorporates Conal's deep arrow,
  2. as well as everything that is needed for functional 
references/lenses and bijective/invertible functions.
I have chosen to reuse prelude names where possible.

class Category cat where
      id  :: cat a a
      (.) :: cat b c -> cat a b -> cat a c

-- | 'cat' can work with pairs
class Category cat => CategoryPair cat where
      fst    :: cat (a,b) a
      snd    :: cat (a,b) b
      swap   :: cat (a,b) (b,a)
      first  :: cat a b -> cat (a,c) (b,c)
      second :: cat a b -> cat (c,a) (c,b)
      (***)  :: cat a b -> cat c d -> cat (a,c) (b,d)

      snd = fst . swap
      second f = swap . first f . swap
      f *** g = second g . first f

class CategoryPair cat => CategoryFanOut cat where
      (&&&) :: cat a b -> cat a c -> cat a (b,c)
      dup   :: cat a (a,a)

      f &&& g = f *** g . dup

-- | 'cat' can work with eithers
--   Dual to CategoryPair
class Category cat => CategoryChoice cat where
      inl    :: cat a (Either a b)
      inr    :: cat b (Either a b)
      mirror :: cat (Either a b) (Either b a)
      left   :: cat a b -> cat (Either a c) (Either b c)
      right  :: cat a b -> cat (Either c a) (Either c b)
      (+++)  :: cat a b -> cat c d -> cat (a,c) (b,d)

      inr = mirror . inl
      right f = mirror . left f . mirror
      f +++ g = right g . left f

class CategoryChoice cat => CategoryFanIn cat where
      (|||) :: cat a c -> cat b c -> cat (Either a b) c
      untag :: cat (Either a a) a

      f ||| g = untag . f +++ g

class Category cat => CategoryZero cat where
      zeroCat :: cat a b

class CategoryZero cat => CategoryPlus cat where
      (<+>) :: cat a b -> cat a b -> cat a b
      -- this is what ArrowPlus uses, but perhaps
      -- (///) is a better choice, because it looks more like the others.

class CategoryPair cat => CategoryApply cat where
       app :: cat (cat a b, a) b

class CategoryPair cat => CategoryLoop cat where
       loop :: cat (a,c) (b,c) -> cat a b

-- no idea how useful this is, but it is nice for symmetry
class CategoryChoice cat => CategoryCoLoop cat where
       coloop :: cat (Either a c) (Either b c) -> cat a b

-- | Categories that can manipulate functions.
--   This is most of 'DeepArrow'.
class Category cat => CategoryFun cat where
      result  :: cat b c -> cat (a -> b) (a -> c)
      curry   :: cat ((a, b) -> c) (a -> b -> c)
      uncurry :: cat (a -> b -> c) ((a, b) -> c)
      funF    :: cat (c -> a, b) (c -> (a, b))
      funS    :: cat (a, c -> b) (c -> (a, b))
      funR    :: cat (a -> c -> b) (c -> a -> b)

-- instances for t = Either and/or t = (,)
-- If h98 compatability is important, it could be split into two classes
-- or the functions lrAssocP and lrAssocE (specialized to pair/either)
-- could be put into CategoryPair and CategoryChoice respectively.
-- Maybe this should be a super class of those two classes:
--   class CategoryAssoc cat (,) => CategoryPair cat
--   class CategoryAssoc cat Either => CategoryChoice cat
--  Then we also have that rAssocP = swap . lAssocP . swap
class Category cat => CategoryAssoc cat t where
      lAssoc :: cat (t a (t b c)) (t (t a b) c)
      rAssoc :: cat (t (t a b) c) (t a (t b c))

-- | 'cat' contains all invertible functions (bijections)
class Category cat => InvArrow cat where
      arrInv :: (a -> b) -> (b -> a) -> cat a b

-- | 'cat' contains all functional references
class InvArrow cat => RefArrow cat where
      arrRef :: (a -> b) -> (b -> a -> a) -> cat a b

-- | 'cat' contains all Haskell functions
class RefArrow cat => FunArrow cat where
      arr :: (a -> b) -> cat a b

-- For backwards compatability:
-- These should be class aliases
class (FunArrow cat, CategoryPair cat) => Arrow cat
class (Arrow cat, CategoryChoice cat)  => ArrowChoice cat
class (Arrow cat, CategoryZero cat)    => ArrowZero cat
class (Arrow cat, CategoryPlus cat)    => ArrowPlus cat
class (Arrow cat, CategoryApply cat)   => ArrowApply cat
class (Arrow cat, CategoryLoop  cat)   => ArrowLoop cat

I would further propose that all classes named Category* go into 
Control.Category, while Arrow* goes into Control.Arrow. The latter can 
re-export the Control.Category module.

And while we are busy messing with the arrows, I think the Kleisli type 
should change, it can be an instance of most of Category* with just 
Functor or Applicative instead of requiring the type to be a Monad.


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