Data.Map, Data.IntMap documentation (1611)

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed Nov 21 22:30:42 EST 2007

Thanks everybody for the corrections and suggestions.
Sorry it took this long to respond.

This is the final submission. Please commit the patch.

Log comment:
Improved, fixed documentation for Data.Map,
Data.IntMap. Added examples.

Changes since the previous submission:
* Moved time complexity Big-O values back to the
beginning of function descriptions.
* Converted examples from interpreter session-like
format to more compact equation-like format.
* As per
added following information to the description of

The function returns changed value, if it is updated.
Returns the original key value if the map entry is

* Made corresponding changes for
Data.IntMap.updateLookupWithKey. Mentioned that it
differs from the Data.Map version.



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