Adding a DSEL library to the hierarchy

Alfonso Acosta alfonso.acosta at
Wed Nov 14 08:25:53 EST 2007


I'm expecting to publicly release the library of a Haskell-embedded
Domain Specific Language, ForSyDe [1], in a few weeks time. However,
I'm not still
sure of what would be the most appropriate place in the hierarchy
where to "plug" the library.

To provide a little background, ForSyDe is aimed at modelling systems,
and its implementation shares many concepts with Lava [2], the
successful Haskell-embedded HDL. So the my question could be rephrased
as "If you had to adapt the Lava library to the namespace extension,
where would you put it?"

My options are:

1) Use Language.ForSyDe  But I don't know if embedded-languages really
fit here since they don't explicitly "operate on source code" for the
end-user (i.e. they don't transform or make computations over the
representation of a language but rather provide the language itself)
2) Use the Org root name.  However, we don't still have a domain,
don't really think we'll have it any time soon, and besides, although
the "Org" root name  is proposed in the namespace extension, it
doesn't really seem to be used in practice (tell me if I'm wrong).
3) Use our own root name: "ForSyDe". That's how it's currently
implemented, but I guess that one of the purposes of having a
namespace extension was precisely to avoid people adding their own
root names.

I would really appreciate any advice regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance,

Alfonso Acosta


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