System.FilePath.joinDrive problem

Seth Kurtzberg seth at
Sat Nov 3 17:54:28 EDT 2007

I find it esthetically displeasing, but Bulat is correct; it is relied on in
many situations by many programs.

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Hello Twan,

Saturday, November 3, 2007, 10:48:12 PM, you wrote:

> This behaviour is at the very least unintuitive.

it was in dos for 23 years, so it is well known and used by all

D:\temp\8> c:

C:\Haskell\docs> dir d:
 Contents of directory D:\temp\8

31.10.2007  12:41    <DIR>          .
31.10.2007  12:41    <DIR>          ..
30.10.2007  23:58    <DIR>          1
15.04.2005  19:31                24 compile.btm

C:\Haskell\docs> zip archive d:compile.btm
  adding: compile.btm (188 bytes security) (stored 0%)


> I have investigated what some different platforms do:
>   - Win32: PathAppend           gives "C:\File"

what documentation on this function says?

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