anyone interested in developing a Language.C library?

Stephen Tetley rt014i7347 at
Mon May 21 17:31:51 EDT 2007


I've a Frown port of the c2hs parser here:

I've also done some work towards packaging the original c2hs code
so it follows the form of the Language/Haskell library (removed the
'C' prefix from file names, added Haddock markers in some of the

Other changes include some work to handle GCC attributes (added in the
syntax tree and some of the productions in the parser); and some work
on a pretty printer (there is a rough version implemented with UUAG and
the PPrint library that needs better parens handling). Also I've changed
the AST slightly to remove some of the dependency on c2hs - the parser just
tracks source position rather than source locations and unique names.

I haven't looked further at disentangling the Happy parser, and with
the changes to the syntax tree and file layout it would need some work to
reinstate it. I hope to look at this in the next couple of weeks.

Best wishes

Stephen Tetley

Duncan Coutts wrote:
 > * The parser error messages are terrible (it might be interesting
 >         to try porting from happy to frown for this purpose)

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