Why isn't Data.Map not an instance of Monoid :-)

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Mon May 7 07:35:22 EDT 2007

Lauri Alanko wrote:
 > On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 10:23:24AM +0100, Adrian Hey wrote:
 >> instance (Ord k) => Monoid (Map k v) where
 >>     mempty  = empty
 >>     mappend = union
 >>     mconcat = unions
 >> This worries me because there is no obviously correct choice for the
 >> semantics of union for maps (as in which maps associated values get
 >> dropped).
 > Right. I think that the real fundamental MMap type should be 
something like:
 > instance (Ord k, Monoid v) => Monoid (MMap k v) where
 >     mempty = empty
 >     mappend = unionWith mappend

Ross Paterson has suggested the same thing so I'll go with that, unless
Jean-Philippe has some objection (I think Data.Map and Data.Map.AVL
should be the same in this regard).

This still breaks the Coolections module though, but I guess it's

 > and with a lookup operation
 > lookup :: (Ord k, Monoid v) => k -> MMap k v -> v
 > which returns mempty when the key was not found in the map, _or_ if a
 > mempty value was somehow stored in the map. The distinction is purely
 > an implementation detail and shouldn't be visible.
 > Then it is easy to see that the current Data.Map is just a wrapper to
 > the above interface specialized to a left-biased monoid on Maybe.  So
 > Data.Map isn't as general as it should be, but at least it's
 > _consistently_ non-general. There's not much point in generalizing the
 > monoid instance of the map as long as there is still an implicit Maybe
 > in the values.

Actually at the moment lookup is..
lookup :: (Monad m,Ord k) => k -> Map k a -> m a

Maybe we should have something like.
lookupMaybe :: Ord k => k -> Map k a -> Maybe a
lookupMonad :: (Monad m,Ord k) => k -> Map k a -> m a
lookupMonoid :: (Ord k, Monoid a) => k -> Map k a -> a


 > I'm not really advocating changing the Data.Map interface: Data.Map is
 > intentionally specialized and optimized for pragmatic
 > purposes. Abstract algebraic generalizations belong to Edison.

Or Jean-Philippes collections classes

Adrian Hey

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