System.Process bugs on Unix

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Thu Mar 29 12:03:26 EDT 2007

Simon Marlow wrote:

> We can't just take a file descriptor out of non-blocking mode, because 
> due to broken POSIX semantics that would screw up GHC's use of the file 
> descriptor (there's no way to set non-blocking mode per-FD).

Are you sure?  I'd expect fcntl will do the trick.  And you don't have 
to set non-blocking mode until after the fork, in the child, so GHC 
shouldn't see any consequences at all.

> I've just milestoned this bug for 6.6.2, so I promise to at least try to 
> fix it before then...

I've got a patch partially written, which shouldn't take more than an 
hour to finish off and test.  So don't worry about this just yet.


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