darcs patch: Changing Int to CInt and building with -D_XSERVER64 (w...

thedward at antejentacular.org thedward at antejentacular.org
Wed Mar 28 02:34:24 EDT 2007

Wed Mar 28 01:24:53 CDT 2007  thedward at antejentacular.org
  * (Graphics.X11) Updates for (better) 64-bit compatibility
  Changing Int to CInt and building with -D_XSERVER64 (when appropriate)
  I went through and weeded out all the Ints I could find, replacing them
  with CInts, adding fromIntegral calls as necessary.
  I modified configure.ac and X11.buildinfo.in to support detecting 64-bit
  systems. (inspired by the test in the xorg build).
  All these changes seem to make X11 much more useful on 64-bit systems.
  Most importantly, I've got xmonad up and running beautifully.

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