Adding System.FilePath

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Mar 20 20:50:53 EDT 2007


> or to do it the Makefile way and
> also put it into 6.6.1 (which obviously has the advantage that it's
> available RSN by default with GHC; I don't think there's an interface
> issue here as it's a separate package, but I'd like to get Simon's input
> first!).

That would be handy.

> If it's a sticking point then I'm sure I can work out how to get hugs to
> include it too, assuming Ross doesn't object.

It should make it into the Windows distribution of Hugs ;)

> One thing: It would make things a lot simpler if filepath was moved to
> (or kept in sync with)

Can be done easily enough, if we decide to go this route, I'll move it
over and delete the original (I hate having out of sync libraries, and
I hate thinking that libraries might be out of sync, even if they are
automatically synced). The library as it stands is not suitable for
including into GHC, the patch I made is however. The library should be
structured differently, using cpp instead of (as the patch
does). Also the library has reverse compatibility gunk, i.e.
System.FilePath.Version_0_10, which wants removing before it becomes

If this is the way you want to go, I'll redo the library and move it



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