Automated tests for the libraries?

Paul Johnson paul at
Fri Mar 16 15:35:25 EDT 2007

Jeffrey Yasskin wrote:
> Is there some automated test suite for the libraries that I'm just
> missing? Is there a plan for developing one? If not, I'll start a wiki
> page for ideas and try to get a rudimentary one put together.
I think that QuickCheck properties, or at least an abbreviated version 
of them, should be in the documentation.  See my RangedSet library 
( for an example of the kind of 
thing I mean.  However I have to maintain the correspondence between the 
actual properties and the Haddock comments manually, which is a pain.

I have in mind an automatic tool along the lines of Haddock, but able to 
extract QuickCheck properties from comments.  Ideally it would also be 
able to fill in default types so that [a] in a type signature becomes 
[Int] in the code without having to appear in the Haddock-generated 
docs.  I looked into building something like this once, but the starting 
point would have had to be Haddock, and I didn't fancy getting into its 


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