Adding System.FilePath

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Fri Mar 16 11:32:55 EDT 2007


> I'm slowly getting tired of your arguments: If you think that your way is the
> right way, implement whatever you like and come back with what you've got
> afterwards for discussion, this is OpenSource SW, after all

This is exactly what I've done with System.FilePath. I have been
through several iterations making the entire concrete source code
available at each point. I have changed everything until no one seems
to object anymore to anything in the library - only to type FilePath =
String, which isn't in my library.

So can I suggest that the people objecting to inclusion in base:

1) Write the code that adds filepath as a core library, update build
scripts for nhc/ghc/hugs, talk to everyone and gather agreement to
include the filepath library always, add the appropriate magic to
Cabal etc. [this is all good work which I think is essential in the
long run, but I doubt anyone has time to do for a while]

2) Submit that patch that changes type FilePath = String, to whatever
they may want, or to a class if that is what they would prefer. Update
all appropriate API's this effects etc.



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