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Fri Mar 16 07:06:50 EDT 2007

Hello ArtemGr,

Friday, March 16, 2007, 1:52:24 PM, you wrote:

>> yes, it is possible but have no any practical meaning because base
>> library anyway shipped together with ghc and there are no alternative
>> versions. if someone will make such versions, these versions may be
>> installed in ghc (may be by hand because Cabal itself uses base :)

> Base is shipped with GHC, so what? I can fetch the fresh base with darcs and
> build it.

base isn't compatible between major ghc versions (6.6/6.8). so you may
use only base 2.0 with 6.6 or base 3.0 with 6.8. situation is
different for other libraries - you can keep to use fps 0.7 with any
ghc version because your program developed against it, or you can
upgrade to new version if you need new features

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