Adding System.FilePath

ArtemGr artem at
Fri Mar 16 05:44:21 EDT 2007

Bulat Ziganshin <bulat.ziganshin <at>> writes:
> well, i should explain the situation. first, there is no problem to
> include FPS as *separate* library in GHC and actually 6.6 provides
> lots of such libs (including ones that was not shipped with 6.4). you
> don't need to download/install these libraries too
> FPS is different - it was made a part of base library and this means
> 1) that .cabal files for libs/apps that uses fps should be different
> for ghc 6.4 and 6.6
> 2) that i can't upgrade to newer fps versions
> 3) that fps versions with api changes can't be used at all with 6.6!
> all that i propose is to detach fps from base lib and ship it as
> separate library *together* with ghc

Yeah, i've tought about that too.
Merging FPS *into* base broke a lot of Cabal dependencies.
It should have been a part of the base, thus being a de-facto standard, but
should've been installed as a separate package, so that we can deregister it and
register a fresh one...

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