Proposal: Add Data.List.sortNub and sortNubBy

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Mar 13 07:48:41 EDT 2007


> > I more meant that I suspect that Data.Set imports Data.List
> > transitively (although I do not know, its just a suspicion). If this
> > is the case, then the implementation would either require chunks to be
> > restructured, or recursively dependant modules (within the package)
> > would exist. It is Haskell 98, but it is not fun :)
> afaik, hugs don't support recursive modules?

It doesn't. GHC and nhc don't exactly make them natural though, to the
point where I'd say they are supported "with hoop jumping". Not the
kind of jumping tricks I think should be in the base libraries more
than necessary.

I think JHC supports recursive modules properly.



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