Cabal, Hackage, and License-File

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Sun Mar 4 09:19:53 EST 2007


In my packages, I typically use a format with:

 * COPYRIGHT: the collection of copyright statements

 * COPYING: My license

 * 3rd-party-licenses/*: Licenses for contributed code

Now, most of my packages these days don't have 3rd-party-licenses.

But there is a problem with Cabal's sdist.  It doesn't put files into
the generated tarball that it doesn't know about.  On a project of any
reasonable size, there may be two dozen people that hold copyrights on
parts of it.  It's not practical to keep that all up-to-date in the
.cabal file, IMHO.  That's why I have the COPYRIGHT file.  The license
file is useless without it.

So what do I do here to make sure that all the license docs wind up in
the generated tar.gz?

In case you're wondering, I don't like to hack up the COPYING file with
all the local copyright stuff.  Just makes it more annoying to have all
that in the license file.

-- John

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