Proposal: System.Timeout module for base (Trac #980)

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Fri Mar 2 13:19:18 EST 2007

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From: Peter Simons <simons at>

> On a more personal note, I'd like to point out how much easier
> improving this module would be for everyone if it were available
> in a darcs repository. One of the nicest things about darcs is
> that it makes it quite simple to contribute patches. You just say
> "record", then you say "send", and then it's done! I feel
> would be a great place to
> make the module available for everyone to contribute.

With darcs there is no need to have all the development be done in a central repository, right?

One can create a parallel repository for particular development goals,
and move changes into the central repository as needed. This is the
model used for Linux kernel development.

Guess it is not always easy for individual developers to give access to their repositories, and to keep darcs server running all the time.

Do you suggest that would host such parallel repositories?

BTW, you can also attach module source, patch, haddock output files to the ticket, and just publish URLs to them.
Wonder if that can make work on this module somewhat easier.


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