Proposal: System.Timeout module for base (Trac #980)

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Thu Mar 1 06:04:38 EST 2007

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> would this combinator help solve the following problem:
> I have two (or more) threads (created by forkIO)
> and each does an external ( System.Cmd.system ) call.
> When the first of these returns, the others should be killed.
> (when I try to kill the Haskell RTS threads,
> the external programs still seem to continue).

That doesn't seem possible with System.Cmd. You may want to look at
System.Process instead, because that has a terminateProcess function.

You could (for each thread):
  1. start process with runCommand or runProcess
  2. call waitForProcess; when it completes, kill the other thread(s)
  3. wrap step 2 in a catch; in the handler, call terminateProcess, then
rethrow (this should catch the AsyncException).


proc <- runCommand "blah blah"
  ( do
    ec <- waitForProcess proc
    killThread otherThread(s)
    return ec  -- do you care about the exit code?
  (\e -> do
    terminateProcess proc
    throwIO e

I haven't tried this - any better ideas?

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