Proposal: System.Timeout module for base (Trac #980)

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Thu Mar 1 03:43:59 EST 2007

I have a comment on one of the comments (or perhaps a question): 

-- Foreign function calls, for example, cannot be timed out with this
-- combinator simply because an arbitrary C function cannot receive
-- asynchronous exceptions. When @timeout@ is used to wrap an FFI call
-- blocks, no timeout event can be delivered until the FFI call returns,
-- pretty much negates the purpose of the combinator. In practice,
-- this limitation is less severe than it may sound. Standard I\/O
-- like 'System.IO.hGetBuf', 'System.IO.hPutBuf',
'Network.Socket.accept', or
-- 'System.IO.hWaitForInput' appear to be blocking, but they really
-- because the runtime system uses scheduling mechanisms like
@select(2)@ to
-- perform asynchronous I\/O, so it is possible to interrupt standard
-- I\/O or file I\/O using this combinator.

In my experience, when run with -threaded, Network.Socket.accept does
block, and async exceptions are not delivered (I'm using GHC-6.6 on Win
XP). Is this what I should expect, or is it more likely that I've
configured something (like my socket) incorrectly so that it blocks?

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