wxHaskell working with 2.8.4 wxWidgets and 6.6.1

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 25 07:53:55 EDT 2007


| you might be pleased to here that wxHaskell is now working quite well with
| the latest versions of wxWidgets and GHC i.e. versions 2.8.4 and 6.6.1
| respectively. I realise you are probably too senior to deal with such
| project details directly but the GHC site does not have a general contact
| address and wouldn't let me register an account to report this on any
| internal forum etc. Since I am very new to Haskell -- this is in fact my
| first project with wxWidgets and Haskell, could you please suggest someone
| to whom I could pass on the details of the mods I have made etc to get
| wxHaskell working in the current environment.

Well done!  There's a special mailing list just for WxHaskell users, who I am cc'ing. It's not very active though, so I'm also ccing libraries at haskell.org.

A small bunch of folk are interested in maintaining WxHasekell, and you should definitely talk to them.  I'm ccing the ones I know of, and I enclose the last message I had from them (Oct 2006).

I hope this points you in the right direction.  Thank you for contributing in such a concrete way.

Incidentally, you can join any of the Haskell mailing lists rather easily.


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