Cabal and Haddock

Adrian Hey ahey at
Fri Jun 8 06:39:16 EDT 2007


When building a package (on windows) the Haddock stage seems to go

runghc Setup.hs haddock

It's looking for base.haddock (presumably) under
but it's actually at..

Does anyone know why it's looking in the wrong place and how can I
can get it to look in the right place? (AFAICS there's no way to
influence Haddock from the .cabal file, but maybe I'm missing

Also, if I move the html dir up one level to where it seems to
be looking it still doesn't work. Haddock still gives the error..

Warning: cannot use package base-2.1.1:
    HTML directory C:/ghc/ghc-6.6.1\html\libraries\base
  does not exist.

Adrian Hey

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