System.Time crash

David Waern davve at
Thu Jun 7 15:49:37 EDT 2007

> David Waern wrote:
>> This line of code using the System.Time library crashes with ghc-6.6.1
>> in
>> Windows XP:
>> print (TOD 12387213982173921131231231 0)
>> TOD is a constructor that creates a ClockTime. The crash seems to happen
>> when a ClockTime with a large enough TOD is show'ed.
>> Is this a known bug?
> System.Time should probably be deprecated. The time package (Data.Time)
> is less likely to crash as much more of the code is written in Haskell
> rather than C.

Ok, I'll try that instead.

Actually, me and my co-worker first looked at Data.Time, but we thought it
looked so complicated that we went along with System.Time instead. We just
had a quick glance over the haddock docs, though.


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