Stack overflow with Data.Binary

Grzegorz grzegorz.chrupala at
Mon Jun 4 12:25:49 EDT 2007

Christian Maeder <maeder <at>> writes:
> I've tried your code with ghc-6.6.1 under x86 linux with binary-0.3:
> It does terminate for me with and without profiling and/or optimization,
> when I pass in the source file itself as input:
>   $ ./foo  < foo.hs
> Is this a confirmation of your observation or am I (are we) doing
> something wrong?

I don't know what's supposed to happen if you pass it 
invalid input (such as the source file); for me it it 
seems to just eat up all available memory.

However, I observed the stack overflow when actually 
passing in *valid* input,that is a tuple of two IntMaps 
previously  serialized using Binary. If that
helps I copied the input file I used here:

I'm running ghc-6.6.1 on linux fedora 6 on x86, binary-0.3


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