Cabal -extra-lib-dirs and -rpath, also framework-dirs

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Sun Jun 3 18:48:01 EDT 2007

1. It seems entries on the extra-lib-dirs line in cabal (GHC 6.6) are 
not passed to the linker with -rpath. Instead, you have to do that in 
ld-options with "-Wl,-rpath -Wl,mylibdir". The trouble is this is not 
portable, as the Darwin (Mac OS X) linker doesn't accept the -rpath 
option and (I think) simply uses all -L directories for the runtime path 
or some clever thing.

I recommend that either extra-lib-dirs be passed as -rpath (as 
appropriate for the platform), or a new field such as "extra-rpath-dirs" 
be added.

2. Cabal doesn't recognise "framework-dirs" as a field name, even though 
it shows up in "ghc-pkg describe".

Ashley Yakeley

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