documentation in GHC.Conc, Control.Parallel.Strategies; querying number of CPUs

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Mon Jul 16 22:53:34 EDT 2007

> Frederik Eaton <frederik at> wrote:
> > In particular, I wonder: How is pseq different from seq? Under what
> > circumstances is it used?
> `pseq` is a "genuine" operational sequence operator.  Haskell'98's
>     x `seq` y
> does not guarantee that x is evaluated to WHNF before y, whereas `pseq`
> does guarantee exactly this.

Good to see the documentation for parallel strategies is improved!

what can we do to make it easier to get into concurrent and parallel
haskell programming? Its really one of the killer features, but is
under-documented and under-blogged-about. 

Meanwhile the erlang guys use parMap in every blog I see, despite their
slow compiler and awful string support ;)

-- Don (pondering how to steal parallel programming mindshare)

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