Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Jan 31 05:11:20 EST 2007

> >Yes, it's the Category field.  It can also contain more than one category,
> >separated by commas.  There is no agreed list of category names yet.
> >(If you omit the Category field, there's a kludge using the top levels
> >of the part of the module hierarchy that you've used.)
> Ahhh. Is it possible to remedy some of the unclassified packages? I
> would have put Alex and Happy under Parsing, lambdabot under Network,
> Haddock under Development, etc.
> What happens if you introduce a new Category in an uploaded .cabal
> file? Is it automatically added to the existing categories?

I think so, see 'Safe'. 

Can we prevent that?

-- Don

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