Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 31 05:01:07 EST 2007

This is really fantastic work.

I think it could be made twice as valuable by adding a further 1% investment: some documentation on the web site.
        - some for the clients (people looking for libraries).
        - some for the providers (people implementing libraries)

It's all obvious to those who are involved, but not to stupid Joe Public like me.  Alistair's question below is an example.

Probably not a lot is required.  Example:

This web site holds a collection of free Haskell packages.
        - Anyone can download and use them: here is how to do it (link)
        - Anyone can upload a new package that they have written, to make it available to others: here is how to do it (link)

Each package comes in the standard Cabal format, which make it very easy to install.  They each have a short description that you can read before downloading.

Explanation of categories, and the change-password link.

I wonder if each package could (automatically) have a Wiki link, to a Talk page, where people can comment on the package?


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| > We now need more early adopters to add their packages and otherwise try
| > it out.  All comments welcome.
| How do I specify what category(ies) a package should inhabit? I can
| see that the cabal Category: field would be a likely candidate, but
| not all packages in the database have that in their .cabal files, so
| I'm wondering if there's some other mechanism that I haven't found
| yet. There's nothing on the upload page.
| Alistair
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