Idea to allow people to comment on Haskell docs

Conal Elliott conal at
Tue Jan 9 00:52:19 EST 2007

I'm developing some libraries and want to set up the haddock docs with
comment wiki pages, as in this discussion thread.  I see that the haddock
flags are there.  Is anyone using them?

Any ideas on how to get the per-entity sectioning into a wiki page (==
myFnName ==).  Or would we be better off having a page per entity?

I wonder how a library author or other interested person could track the
comments when there can be at least one wiki page per module (if not one per
entity).  Any ideas?  Can one "watch" a whole tree of wiki pages (including
ones that don't yet exist)?

  - Conal

On 1/18/06, Benjamin Franksen <benjamin.franksen at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 January 2006 10:01, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:
> > Does MediaWiki support anchors in the middle of a page?  That's
> > essential here -- we want one Wiki page for one Haddock page.
> Yes. See, for example, the EPICS wiki at
> BTW, one of the most useful features of MediaWiki are the per-section
> edit command links at the right margin. If you select the edit link
> corresponding to a certain section, you'll get only the text of this
> section in the text-edit widget and when previewing your changes you'll
> see only the section you edited. (Of course you can also edit the whole
> page at once, using the top-most edit link.)
> Ben
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