package pages in Hackage

Ross Paterson ross at
Thu Jan 4 11:06:32 EST 2007

Björn Bringert has a number of ideas for things that could be added to
package web pages offered by a Hackage interface, some of which are
implemented in his proof-of-concept hask-home:

I'd like to see things like who uploaded the package and when, and the
results of automatic builds of the package.  Just knowing whether a
package compiles with recent compiler releases would be an excellent
bitrot filter.

Presumably others will have more ideas, and we'd like them to be able
to add things without having to modify the CGI program.  So perhaps we
could have a directory <package-id>.parts containing fragments of the
package page (in either HTML or Björn's HMarkup) which the CGI program
stitches together, with some means of specifying the order.  Some of
these parts could be generated asynchronously, e.g. by build daemons.

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