authentication for hackage uploads

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Jan 3 17:46:12 EST 2007


> We need some security on uploads to hackage, because Cabal packages
> can run arbitrary code during the build process

I think this should be strongly discouraged by Cabal, almost to the
point where Setup files with custom code are disallowed by Hackage.
Doing an attack on an in-use module is a lot more work than putting it
in the configure script.

> I think that Apache authentication (as used in Trac, for example) would
> be sufficient, but that the initial registration of submitters needs to
> be done manually by a small group of people.  We need to know who we're
> dealing with, and we need at least an email address to contact them.
> Personally, I'd prefer that user names were real names in camel case,
> but maybe I'm too old-fashioned.

There is also a list of people with access to the darcs repo's on - these things probably want managing in much the same
way. Currently the policy is that Yhc hackers get their key added to
my authorised_keys file, and just log in using my username - I'm not
terribly comfortable with that.

I would demand at the very least a real name, email address - but
really, in an online world those things are nearly useless. I guess
the only thing to do is to trust that people who have learnt enough
about monads and IO to hijack Haskell things probably realise how cool
Haskell is...



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