Where prelude alternatives/ classes and types to get values?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 11:40:21 EST 2007


> In my opinion, Haskell should take a cue from the videogame industry
> and create an EasyPrelude, normal Prelude, and HardPrelude.
> The EasyPrelude would be something like the Helium prelude - very
> little overloading.

The main reason for something like this is that error messages aren't
as clear. Wouldn't a better solution be a "-beginner" flag which on
seeing x ++ xs gives the hint "x is not a list, it doesn't have to be,
but you probably wanted it to be". Or perhaps someone could research
good type error messages?

I don't like the idea of partitioning Haskell users into discrete sets
based on their ability - its not a nice culture to have, but more
practically it makes a painful jump between each stage.



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