Submitting a darcs patch

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Thu Feb 15 06:33:39 EST 2007

> I just made some small changes (I figure smaller would be better for
> my first patch, and I'm also new to Haskell) to the Xlib bindings,
> adding support for property events and implementing an XGetAtomName
> function.  Seeing as I'm new to darcs, how do I submit a patch and to
> whom do I submit it?  I've already made the patch with darcs record.


The best way to have your patch added is to either

    a) if its a non-core library like Xlib, send to the maintainer.
    you can do this with darcs send -o /tmp/my.patch
    And then attach  and mail that patch to the library maintainer.
    (should be listed in the .cabal file)

    b) if its for a core library, like 'base' , you follow the
    library submission process,
    which also has some useful advice that applies to case a).

In this case you should follow part a).


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