cabal, haddock, and --hyperlink-source

David Waern davve at
Sun Dec 9 06:05:56 EST 2007

> I'm getting an error message with cabal's haddock command's
> --hyperlink-source option.   The message (below) says "haddock
> --hyperlink-source requires Haddock version 0.8 or later", while "haddock
> --version" says that I have version 2.0.   I have the latest cabal and
> hscolour from hackage and the latest haddock from darcs.  I'm using cygwin
> on WinXP.

The problem is that at the time of writing the Cabal support for Haddock
2.0, Haddock didn't support links to source code (of course, the error
message is still wrong). Now it does however, since I've merged over
everything except hoogle support from the old Haddock. So, Cabal should be
updated to support --hyperlink-source also for Haddock 2.

Thanks for noticing this.


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