Documentation and HAppS

Chris Smith cdsmith at
Sat Dec 8 01:38:23 EST 2007

I'm making an offer.

I need to learn HAppS extremely well over the next couple months.  I am 
willing to document the process by attempting to write detailed 
documentation on developing applications with HAppS.  Something on the 
order that could be eventually combined into a book, or at least an 
extensive searchable web site.

My current thoughts are to either:

1. Find a free wiki site to do it.
2. Use HaskellWiki
3. Coordinate with Alex regarding the HAppS web site

I'm not sure which would be most appropriate.  My hope would be to make 
this public early, since I'm bound to make some mistakes or leave some 
things out.  So I'm sort of counting on getting comments from people who 
know more than me.

Finally, I'm not sure whether code currently in a sufficiently good 
state that it would be reasonable to write something like this.  Perhaps 
I should hold off and wait for things to stabilize.


- Is this something people would find helpful?
- Should I do it now, or wait?
- Which of the choices (1), (2), or (3) above do you think best of?


Chris Smith

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