more info on building the Unix package on cygwin

Galchin Vasili vigalchin at
Mon Dec 3 02:30:13 EST 2007


    I put an ugly kludge(on my laptop) in the unix.cabal file  For the
includes-dir "attribute" I explicited specified the path to the cygwin
include directory. The Unix package build gets farther and then gets errors.
At this point, it appears that the cygwin sys/types.h has a "bug" .. id_t is
not defined but id_t is referenced by
sys/resources.h/(getpriority/setpriority). Please see see for
getpriority function signature. In any case, I want compare the Linux
sys/types.h include.

     To summarize:

1) I am just learning about the .cabal file format from the Cabal .pdf. In
any case, it appears that for the case of cygwin that unix.cabal is

2) It also appears that the cygwin sys/types.h failed to defined id_t which
is needed by sys/resources.h which in turn is needed by
System/Posix/DynamicLinker/Module.hsc (error at line 57 where HsUnix.h is
refd .. and in HsUnix.h at line # 38 sys/resource.h is referenced.) I can
provide a stderr "log".

Kind regards, Vasya
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