Data.Map, Data.IntMap documentation

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Sat Aug 11 07:57:48 EDT 2007

Quoting Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at>:
> Improved, fixed documentation for Data.Map,
> Data.IntMap. Moved time complexity Big-O values to the
> end of function descriptions. Added examples.

I rather liked having the complexity at the start of the description:
it allows one to find this important information at a glance.

Personally I prefer precise specifications of the behaviour to examples
(and think that examples leave less room on my screen for specs of other
functions), but clearly tastes vary.  But I think it's important that
examples be an optional addition to the main description: one should be
able to determine the behaviour from the description alone.  The examples
are there to help, but if one has to use them guess what the function will
do in some case then the description is faulty.  So I'd favour setting off
the examples at the end of each function description, and making them more
concise by presenting them as equations.  My ideal would be if Haddock
could present each examples part as initially hidden but expandable with
a click.

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