Good Haskell Style

David Roundy droundy at
Fri Aug 3 14:57:07 EDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 06:52:01PM -0700, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
> Ian Lynagh wrote:
> >* Don't leave trailing white space in your code
> >* Don't use tabs
> >* Aim to keep lines under 80 characters
> >* Use the CamelCase variable naming convention
> >* Don't use explicit braces and semicolons
> "by giving a parse error if we break any of its rules" -- well, you 
> hope, right?
> My own preferences:
> * Use one tab to indent each level. Display them at 4 space boundaries.

But this means that your code will have the possibility of layout bugs that
not visible to the programmer, since according to the report a tab
corresponds to eight spaces.  Sounds like the worst of all possible
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