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> And prefer to indent an even number (normally an even number 
> of spaces, 
> but, an odd number when using birdtrack-literate-haskell '> 
> foo = ...'). 

I moot that birdtrack-literate-haskell should be avoided, largely
because (AFAICT) it is not supported by Haddock. Section 2.1 in the
Haddock manual suggests that you can preprocess the .lhs source to make
it palatable:

by saying (for example):
  ghc -E Main.lhs -o Main.hs

However, this appears to discard all lines which do not start with >,
which includes many comments (like the module header), which is not much
use to Haddock.

Currently, for many of Takusen's source files I run them through a
custom preprocessor which converts them to regular .hs files, preserving
all comments, and then feed these to Haddock.

That's not to say that the birdtrack style is not useful; it's great for
Oleg's expositional email-as-literate-source postings. However, having
used it extensively in Takusen, I'm of the opinion that we should have
started with regular .hs source.

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