Good Haskell Style

Iavor Diatchki iavor.diatchki at
Wed Aug 1 16:06:07 EDT 2007


> * Don't leave trailing white space in your code
> * Don't use tabs
> * Aim to keep lines under 80 characters
> * Use the CamelCase variable naming convention
> * Don't use explicit braces and semicolons

I like using underscores in values, and CamelCase in types---I find
that the extra space makes the identifiers more readable.  Despite the
fact that I tend to write code that follows these conventions (except
for bullet 4), I find the rules to be extremely arbitrary and I do not
think that they should be given any special status.

PS: While we are discussing style, what should be the blessed amount
of indentation ;-)  I vote for 2 spaces.

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