Integrating Cabal, Haddock, HsColour

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Sat Apr 21 17:51:28 EDT 2007


> I've just extended Cabal so to generate docs with links to highlighted
> sources. Now
> generates HTML as this one: (run on Cabal itself)

Thanks, I have been looking for this for a while! I was thinking of
implementing it myself, but never had the time...

> - Is this worth including in the next Cabal version?


> - Are the options above good choices?

> Should I instead merge these subcommands so to have a single ./Setup
> haddock --hscolour running everything?


I would vote for:

runhaskell Setup hscolour (runs hscolour only)
runhaskell Setup haddock --hscolour (does both)

That way you can still get hscolouring, even if you don't want
haddock, and can easily get both with one command.

Thanks a lot!


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