ANN: Haskell Cryptographic Library 4.0.3

Matthew William Cox matt at
Wed Apr 11 22:29:36 EDT 2007

On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 19:17:56 +0100
Dominic Steinitz <dominic.steinitz at> wrote:

> I should like to announce the release of a new version of the Haskell 
> Cryptographic Library based on the proposal at 

Why is it that we aren't focusing on putting together good bindings for
OpenSSL? Then we could put a nice functional veneer on the hash and
crypto functions, and get SSL support in the process.

Haskell's lack of SSL/TLS support is... disturbing. It should be
integrated in the network package.

Hopefully I'll be able to do something about it in the summer. I
started some maintenance work on hopenssl a month ago or so but had to
suspend it to finish off my academic year.

Matthew Cox

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