openTempFile only defined on GHC

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Apr 10 06:38:12 EDT 2007


> What does the "local" in openTempFileLocal mean?

Do not conflict with the name openTempFile - a copy local to this
project - no real meaning on the implementation of the function.

> I'd be perfectly happy to have
> non-race-free implementations of openTempFile for certain compilers/platforms as
> long as we document it (not that we document openTempFile properly at all at the
> moment, which is a bug).

Yes, that's probably the way to go.

> Also note that you can't use </> or <.> here, because filepath is not in base :-)

Boo! :-)

> > I think these should be made very explicit in the documentation.
> > Control.Concurrent is understandable, things like file creation
> > methods aren't - a user will be annoyed (and I was) to find that their
> > program written according to the documentation doesn't work.
> I quite agree.  Care to send a patch, or open a ticket?

Yeah, I will try and do this today.



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