Proposal: ByteString based datagram communication (Ticket #1238 )

Robert Marlow rob at
Fri Apr 6 22:40:54 EDT 2007

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to raise convertString as a potential patch
right now. I mention it merely to indicate that a convenient interface
for Network belongs in a more general string solution and is outside the
scope of this patch.

On Sat, 2007-04-07 at 10:35 +0900, Robert Marlow wrote:
> Likewise, I think the solution for simplifying String
> interfaces is to provide some sort of convertString utility (such as
> ). 
> With convertString anybody who wants a String or lazy ByteString
> interface to Network can simply write their own wrappers using that
> utility without too much difficulty. 

Robert Marlow
MITS Co-operative Limited

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