darcs patch: Implementation of aton and ntoa outside the IO monad

Robert Marlow bobstopper at bobturf.org
Sun Sep 24 04:07:23 EDT 2006

Erk, I just realised this patch is completely wrong since the
HostAddress will be totally different depending on the endianness of the
platform. I'm looking into writing some utilities for handling
endianness etc since it would be nice to be able to do I/O with raw
bytes in haskell. In the meantime, please ignore this patch.

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 10:08 +0900, Robert Marlow wrote:
> Sun Sep 24 10:06:48 JST 2006  Robert Marlow <bobstopper at bobturf.org>
>   * Implementation of aton and ntoa outside the IO monad
>   inet_ntoa and inet_aton can be implemented purely to avoid the need for
>   the IO monad. Additionally, inet_addr is currently incorrect due to
>   using the inet_addr C function which is considered obsolete due to
>   incorrectly failing while converting as an address.
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