sof patch for --ghc-pkg-config-file=

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sat Sep 16 02:54:02 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 10:06 -0700, Isaac Jones wrote:
> Emailing to libraries@, please followup to cabal-devel.
> Here's a patch from Sigbjorn which adds --ghc-pkg-config-file= to
> cabal.  This is an oldish patch, but I haven't stopped getting
> requests for this feature :)
> This allows you to create a "local" package config file, rather than
> using the --user or --global files, this is useful for in-place
> building, as when you're developing a set of related packages.
> I still have some debate about whether this patch should go in; it
> assumes a model of package registration where you have a config file
> (as opposed to a directory) which isn't the case for nhc or Hugs.  But
> the idea doesn't seem to bother anyone but me, and the flag is clearly
> marked as a ghc-related flag, so I'm thinking of letting it through.
> Opinions?

Note that there is already a register --inplace flag to register a
package in the build tree. To allow multiple packages to be built
against each other inplace we'd also need some flag for configure.

Would this be enough? Do we really also need the ability to specify
arbitrary package databases? What is the use case?

(BTW, I'm not saying we don't need it, I'm just wondering what people
want it for)


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