please try this tiny script to test cabal-install

Isaac Jones ijones at
Fri Sep 15 13:33:27 EDT 2006

Paolo has been hacking on cabal-install, as many of you know.

Cabal-install is a tool for installing cabal packages and their

We put together this little script that _should_ just install
cabal-install, along with testing it out to install hnop.  I know this
works on my Debian box, your results may vary, especially if you don't
use sudo, but these commands should be pretty clear for you to try
them yourself.

Please copy and paste this into a terminal, or make minor tweaks and
do the same.  Email cabal-devel to let us know if it worked or if it

wget && chmod 755 test-cabal-install && ./test-cabal-install

(Now that you've got that working, you can "cabal-install list" and
see the packages on the server.)



p.s. of course, if you don't trust hackage or paolo, you should look
at the code before you run it as root ;)

p.p.s. the script itself, in case you want to copy, mod, and paste is:


darcs get && \
cd cabal-install && \
make && \
sudo make install && \
sudo cabal-install update && \
cabal-install install --prefix=/tmp --user hnop && \
ls -l /tmp/bin/hnop

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