Build failures in packages built with GHC 6.6

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Sep 11 06:35:56 EDT 2006

> Over the weekend Lennart Kolmodin tested all of Gentoo's Haskell
> packages with the latest GHC 6.6 RC snapshot. Here is his report of
> what failed, and how:

Thanks for the useful heads-up - a very valuable service.

To fix HaXml to work with ghc-6.6, I have pushed two new versions: 1.17
is the development branch, and 1.13.2 is the stable branch.


Hopefully this will enable some other packages to build now as well.

I note hmake's failure, and have pushed a possible fix to the darcs
repo, but will not make a release until I have tested it more


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